Inspiration To Run

Once upon a time, a growing city of 27,000 people came upon a period of unrest. Many of the local officials were so set in their ways and the citizenry was so dissatisfied with the officials that neither side bothered to communicate openly with the other. But a local college student, whose career goal was already to bridge communication barriers between science and the public, knew she could make a change and running for local office was the first avenue she wanted to try.

My drive to run for Casselberry Commission was originally sparked by a paper written for my State & Local Government class several semesters ago. The topic I chose was on the local movement dubbed Skate-32707. In my research, I came to the conclusion that the Commissioners no longer actively reached out for the opinions of those they represent and the citizens had been out of the loop for so long that they stopped trying to have a say.

I am currently a student at Valencia College in process of transferring to to UCF for a custom-built degree based on a desire to connect modern research with the general populace.