About The Candidate

Often times my age is listed among my weaknesses by those who do not know me. But I, instead, see it as a strength. I have the energy and vitality that others have lost. I have the time and optimism afforded by still being in my growth phase of adulthood. And I have not yet been set in my ways by experience and history. Instead, my strengths and goals are still laced with new hope and new ideas and eagerness to learn and create. I count my young age among my greatest strengths:


No matter how good an idea is if you cannot explain it, then it will sink. I can express my own thoughts with eloquence, but also can ‘translate’ from task-specific language to everyday English in such a way that even a complex topic is within the grasp of a novice. When everyone asks questions, offers solutions, describes situations, or raises issues, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”


Because of my strengths, I have a reputation for exhibiting more professional behavior than most my age. I am organized, detailed in my responses, reliable and dependable, and believe in efficiency. I was taught from a young age to view my word as my bond: if I say I will do something, it gets done and it gets done well. And I expect to be held accountable for results as much as words. I am committed to honesty and exceeding expectations.


Learning is an ongoing process and I have an insatiable drive to know and understand everything from the issues of the day to the natural world around me. I pay close attention to the details of current events and typically delve into the topic deeply rather than making a hasty judgement. When sharing my findings, I do so with as little bias as possible. Open dialogues are vital because I seek information and opinions of other respected individuals because everyone has something of value to offer. After all, a diamond is just a rock until you see all the facets.