The Issues

Casselberry on Social Media

This is directly connected to the foundation for my desire to run. Our neighbors have a presence where the modern citizen goes for instant updates: social media. Casselberry must evolve to better serve the citizens and develop a stronger online presence.

On the Police Station

Originally I felt the move was an unnecessary spending of taxpayer money. But I have since changed to support the change of location because the inadequacy of the current facility is blatant. More information will be available on this topic when I have toured the facility.

Skate 32707

Currently I neither support nor dispute the idea for a skatepark in Casselberry. I have not seen official numbers of taxpayers who desire a skatepark within our limits, but will push for such ventures if there is enough desire from those who contribute to the city. A major hang up is likely liability and insurance, however if there is a will, there is a way.

Bringing Businesses to Casselberry

Although I am unsure what measures can be taken at this time, I believe Casselberry needs to actively court and support small businesses within our boundaries. This would, however, involve a fair amount of rezoning, some of which is already included in the 20 Year Master Plan.

I often don’t notice hidden gems while traveling up and down our highways, but I prefer to spend my money locally and support businesses not owned by a major chain. However, I do frequent Happy Teriyaki in Sanford to the point my family and I are on a first-name basis with the owners. Their sushi is phenomenal! We are also fairly well known by the cashiers at Wah Yoan.

Gardens of Casselberry

As a hobby gardener, there is little I find more satisfying than seeing my labors on the dinner table. I believe a community garden supports a number of initiatives Casselberry has already put into action. There is widespread community support, as well as a drive from inside CIty Hall to see this happen!

*Hard Water

Since moving to Casselberry, I have struggled more with hard water deposits than anywhere else and I have lived near 7 major cities. Fortunately I have gotten used to the taste of our tap water, but it is a little frustrating to clean. I have also heard multiple complaints about the price of our water.
Neither of these are technically in the purview of City Hall. Water, like electricity, is contracted out.